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Golden Payer Certificate 2015

The "KAW-MET" MAREK KAWIŃSKI (NIP 7950203218) foundry has been awarded the Golden Payer Certificate 2015, held by the Euler Hermes Collections, a leading payment management company. Golden Payer 2015 is a prestigious award for keeping up highest standards of payment discipline, and is awarded to companies who simultaneously conform with the following requirements:

PMI above 80 points***,
Rating of at least CCC,
No active debt collection processes.

The "KAW-MET" MAREK KAWIŃSKI foundry has achieved an average PMI of 100 in 2015.
Only 5% of companies on the Polish market meet these requirements, which means, that the Golden Payer 2015 is an elite award, certifying trustworthiness.
We had the highest Payment Standard Indicator in 2015.
We have been distinguished based on data from the Payment Analisys Programme from Euler Hermes Collections, which can be used to obtain certifiable data on a contractor's situation, type of services and market influence.
More info on the Golden Payer Certificate 2015 can be found on:

tel.: 22 363 63 00

PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Control system

In order to keep improving the quality of our services, we have set ourselves the following goals:
Staff training - in order to meet the Client's expectations and requirements;
Striving to secure leading position on the market;
Expanding our offer as far as technological advancements allow;
We complete our goals by: improving employee work quality on every level;
organizing employee training to improve their qualifications;
using modern technological advancements;
constant monitoring of the market and suppliers;

Quality Assurance Policy is achieved by constant improvement of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Control system.
The KAW-MET foundry's Quality Assurance Policy is a warranty of constant adherence and the improvement of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Control system.
This ensures the constant development and strengthening of KAW-MET's position on the market.

Bohaterów Getta 24
37-700 Przemysl, Poland
+48 16 678 52 69
Krakowska 11
37-700 Przemyśl, Poland
+48 505 920 197
Krakowska 11
Orły, Polska
+48 16 672 48 10