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Because of the construction the only possible fuel that can be used is hardwood oak,
hornbeam, beech, etc... Because of very rapid ignition discourages the use of wood of
coniferous trees that contain resin and dirty glass. Use dry wood with a moisture content of
less than 20% (including wood stored for two years in a dry and ventilated). Wood with high
humidity causes poor combustion and rapid staining the windows and chimney. Wood is a
less efficient and produces more creosote.
Fuel prohibited
Materials, such as coal, etc.. Tropical wood like mahogany. It is prohibited to use the
chemicals or liquids such as oil, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, etc. To firing up.
Loading of wood
At the time of wood loading should be careful with the door. The maximum amount of wood
that can be loaded are: 3 or 4 firelogs with a diameter of 12 to 15 cm. Before adding wood,
wait until the flames subside, do not add too much wood on the fire.

• Do not overheat the device.
• Do not touch the furnace at a time when there is a fire, you should also pay attention
to in its vicinity were not children.
• Do not light the fire too much.
• Air intakes can not be modified in any way.
• Do not remove the burning chamber.
• Do not burn in the fireplace of waste plastic, rubber, rubber products and other fatty
foods that cause air pollution and increase the risk of fire in the chimney.
• Do not burn when ashtray is completely open, because then the furnace reaches too
high temperatures that can cause deformation of the cast or their rupture.
• Do not pour water furnace to put out the fire. Page 3
• Do not completely fill the niche on the wood, so as not to block the air flow into the
heating chamber of fireplace.
• Do not place flammable items there such as paper, boxes of matches, etc.

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