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Fuel: wood
Fireplace insert W7 with water jacket
external air intake
Basic information
Weight200 kg
Heat output25,3 kW
Heat output of water14,1 kW
Water capacity57 l
4 410,00 zł
Technical data
Heat output25,3 kW
Heat output of water14,1 kW
Water capacity57 l
Heating capacity m2/m3253 m2 / 632,5 m3
Outer dimensions (wxhxd)795x620x525 mm
Glass size695x460x4 mm
Fuel diameter200 mm
Efficiency75,8 %
AccessoriesExternal air intake
Additional informationsthe dimensions may be different +/- 2 mm
The W7 with water jacket:
fuel (wood), class EN-GJL-200 cast iron

It is equipped with:
  • 1. baffle
  • 2. extra back plate, preventing excessive insert wear
  • 3. decorative fence screen, which prevents wood from falling out
  • 4. air intake adjustment through ash drawer
  • 5. external air intake
Densely placed ribs, which increase the heat exchange surface.

Technical drawing
Readily available parts
Our competition will not offer you similar service!
We know fireplaces inside out - we have been making them for over 20 years.
We know how much our customers value easy access to spare parts, because they will simply wear out after years of use and contact with heat.
You will have no trouble getting spares, we stock fireplace and oven spares for all our models in a secure environment.

  • Need to replace a grill or ash drawer?
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