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Study on an innovative and ecological cast iron metallurgic enrichment process, carried out in the metallurgy reactor.

We are happy to inform you, that the Foundry Research Institute and other Project Partners, among which is the "KAW-MET" foundry, have succeeded in securing the means to commence research and development into an ecological metallurgy process. That would include desulphurization, spheroidization, vermicularization and modification of the cast iron inside the reactor, which is placed in a molding cast.

Programme name:
Executive consortium:
1. Foundry Research Institute
3. KAW-MET Foundry
4. DRAWSKI S.A. Foundry
5. AGH University of Science and Technology

Project value: 4 720 000, 00 zł
Total financial support for the entire consortium: 3 335 000, 00 zł
Implementation period: August 2014- January 2017

 Project co-funded by the National Centre for Research and Development in Poland and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund, as part of the regional operational programme 2007-2013.

Project title: Innovative technologies for enhancement of KAW-MET Foundry products and services.
Total project value: 1 234 920, 00 zł
The amount funded by the European Regional Development Fund: 497 000, 00 zł
 Beneficiary's name: Odlewnia KAW-MET

We invest in the development of the Supcarpathian voivodship.


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